Natural ways to help with sleep

Best crystals to help with sleep

Suffering from nightmares? Struggling with a settled sleepNot feeling well rested?

If it is because you have children constantly waking you up, unfortunately I can't help you..

 HOWEVER, if it is due to life just being life, and you are unable to fall into a deep sleep or are constantly overwhelmed by those gross, nagging nightmares, I might be able to help.

I have a go to Crystal combination that seems to do the trick. 

The reason I know, is because my partner told me about the fact that he is always unsettled and started having horrendous, cold sweat inducing nightmares. Me being me, needed to figure out a way to help him.

The combination I came up with is:

Amethyst to help relieve nightmares and give a peaceful sleep.It also aids anxiety, stress, irritability and stress as it is a natural tranquiliser.

Black Obsidian for protection and absorb negative energy to keep that energy away from you.

Ruby In Zoisite to help you feel the best of energy.

Clear Quartz as a master healer and to amplify the other Crystals energies.


However, he still has no frikken clue that under his mattress lies this glorious combination, creating an unseen forcefield. And, whilst he may have a bit of a restless night here and there (I mean, this is kind of inevitabtle as a semi functioning adult in this day and age..) He hasn't complained about feeling like crap all the time and he hasn't brought up, the unsettling, inception style, conjuring type nightmares he was having before. 

In my mind, that's a win!


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