Ways to transform my life

Crystals to help with transforming your life

Sometimes life gets stale. Sometimes you feel stuck. You have no motivation.

Guess what, you can change that!

I bet by now, you have heard of Moldavite and the - essentially the fast forward properties it holds.

However, there are some feelings around Moldavite being ..

1. Aggressive and overwhelming energy

2. Hard to find real ones

3. Easily sold fake

4. Hard to handle if you are inexperienced.

The properties of Moldavite are likened to a huge shift of energy that gets you pushed in the direction that you would normally take a while to get to.

Emotions may get heightened, snap decisions are made, and your life moves in a very fast pace.

There have been stories of people getting Moldavite and breaking up with their long term partner, getting new jobs, finding housing, dropping dud friends, finding their place in the world, hitting rock bottom. 


Did you know, that there is an alternative to the aggressive and sometimes unstable energy shifts and transformational energy of Moldavite?

Yep.. Welcome Malachite and Pink Tourmaline and Carnelian (with a side of Clear Quartz.. Of course).

This combo is incredible for the transformation, motivation and energy shift that you may be lacking..

Malachite is one the everyday crystals I choose to wear and I have to admit, I seriously notice when I don't have it on. It can give you the push and motivation you need in life to make decisions and get out of a funk.

Pink Tourmaline is a crystal of clarity and mental health. It can help you figure out which direction life is trying to take you and push you towards it.

Carnelian is the stone you need in your life when you are lacking motivation to carry on.

Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and Master Amplifier. It will help heighten the energy of your other crystals.


If you are going through that stale patch of life, where you feel drained and have no idea what your next step is, try out this combo and see how you go.

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