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Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

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Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

Calming and Relaxation: Amethyst is often associated with calming energies and stress relief. Amethyst caves are believed to create a tranquil environment, promoting relaxation and easing tension. Many use them in meditation spaces or bedrooms to foster a serene atmosphere.

Spiritual Growth and Intuition: Amethyst is considered a stone of spiritual growth and heightened intuition. Amethyst caves are thought to amplify these properties, aiding individuals in deepening their spiritual practices, enhancing intuition, and promoting a connection to higher states of consciousness.

Please note that each bracelet is unique, with individual sizes and markings. Price per crystal.

💖 Follow below recommendations to get the most out of your jewellery
💧 Do not wear in water
🤚 excessive wear may cause damage over time
🌞 Do not store in direct sunlight
🔽 Dropping and banging on surfaces may cause damage
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