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Black Obsidian Crystal Point

Black Obsidian Crystal Point

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Black Obsidian Point

Grounding and Protection: Black Obsidian is often associated with grounding energies, helping individuals establish a strong connection to the Earth. It is believed to act as a protective shield, deflecting negative energies and promoting a sense of safety and security.

Emotional Healing and Release: This crystal is thought to assist in emotional healing by helping individuals confront and release negative emotions. It is believed to provide support during times of grief, trauma, or emotional turmoil, encouraging a process of introspection and healing.

Measuring roughly 8-10cm

Please note that each crystal is unique, with individual sizes and markings. Price per crystal.

💖 Follow the bellow to keep your crystals in their best form
🌞 Do not leave in the sun - this can naturally bleach their colour and cause weakness over time
🌙 Cleanse regularly for best energy (Read this blog to know which moon phase to use)
💧 Not all crystals are water friendly, do research before putting in water
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