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Crystal Cleansing Bundle

Crystal Cleansing Bundle

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Crystal Cleansing Bundle

Ensure your crystals and energy is always at the peak energy with our cleansing bundle.

What is Cleansing? Cleansing is a ritual that eliminates negative energy and vibrations from your surroundings, fostering a renewed sense of positivity and inner harmony.

Unlock Spiritual Harmony: This bundle is crafted to facilitate spiritual cleansing, promoting a realm of positive vibes and inner serenity.

Crystal Rejuvenation: Experience the rejuvenating power of crystal cleansing, allowing your crystals to release stored energy and return to their original potency.

Home Energy Reboot: Elevate your living space by purifying its energy, dispelling negativity, and ushering in a breath of fresh, positive air.

Personal Liberation: Feel the liberating effects of self and friend cleansing, letting go of anxious feelings and embracing a newfound sense of freedom.

The Enchanting Contents: This captivating cleansing bundle includes intuition based SATYA incense, a Selenite Stick, and a Palo Santo cleansing stick.


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