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Fire Quartz Crystal Bracelet

Fire Quartz Crystal Bracelet

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Fire Quartz Crystal Bracelet

Passion and Vitality: Crystals with fiery colors are often associated with qualities of passion, vitality, and enthusiasm. They are believed to energize and inspire, helping individuals connect with their creative and passionate sides. 

Courage and Action: Fiery crystals are sometimes associated with qualities of courage and taking action. They are believed to boost confidence, drive, and motivation, helping individuals overcome challenges and pursue their goals with determination.

Please note that each bracelet is unique, with individual sizes and markings. Price per crystal.

💖 Follow below recommendations to get the most out of your jewellery
💧 Do not wear in water
🤚 excessive wear may cause damage over time
🌞 Do not store in direct sunlight
🔽 Dropping and banging on surfaces may cause damage
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