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Help Me Get Pregnant Bundle

Help Me Get Pregnant Bundle

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Help Me Get Pregnant Bundle

Embrace the Journey with the 'Help Me Get Pregnant' Bundle

Embark on the path to parenthood with our carefully curated crystal bundle designed to support fertility and emotional well-being:

  1. Rose Quartz: The stone of love, it aids emotional healing and balance, enhancing fertility and sexual energy.

  2. Moonstone: Known to regulate hormones and promote fertility, especially beneficial for irregular menstrual cycles.

  3. Carnelian: A vibrant crystal that balances the sacral chakra, increasing libido and sexual energy, promoting fertility.

  4. Green Aventurine: Helpful for women trying to conceive, it fosters emotional balance and spiritual healing.

  5. Clear Quartz: The master healer, supporting overall health and well-being, and believed to aid women on their journey to conceive.

May this bundle bring comfort, balance, and positive energy as you navigate the beautiful journey of conception.

๐Ÿ’– Follow the bellow to keep your crystals in their best form
๐ŸŒž Do not leave in the sun - this can naturally bleach their colour and cause weakness over time
๐ŸŒ™ Cleanse regularly for best energy (Read thisย blogย to know which moon phase to use)
๐Ÿ’ง Not all crystals are water friendly, do research before putting in water
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