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Opalite Crystal Tumble - Man Made

Opalite Crystal Tumble - Man Made

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Opalite Crystal Tumbles - Man Made

Spiritual Transition and Transformation: Opalite is often thought to assist in spiritual growth, transformation, and transitioning to new phases of life. It may be used to facilitate a smooth journey through changes and enhance one's intuitive abilities.

Emotional Healing: Some practitioners believe that Opalite has calming and soothing properties. It is thought to help alleviate emotional distress, promote a sense of inner peace, and support emotional healing.

Please note that each crystal is unique, with individual sizes and markings. Price per crystal.

💖 Follow below recommendations to get the most out of your jewellery
💧 Do not wear in water
🤚 excessive wear may cause damage over time
🌞 Do not store in direct sunlight
🔽 Dropping and banging on surfaces may cause damage
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