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Sphalerite Crystal Sphere

Sphalerite Crystal Sphere

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Sphalerite Crystal Sphere

Vitality and Physical Energy: Sphalerite is associated with promoting physical energy and vitality. It is believed to stimulate the body's energy systems, offering a boost to overall stamina and well-being.

Transformation and Manifestation: Some metaphysical beliefs associate Sphalerite with transformation and manifestation. It is thought to help individuals transform negative energy patterns into positive ones and may be used in manifestation rituals to attract positive outcomes.

Weighing roughly 487g and measuring roughly 7cm in diameter 

Sphere stands not included - Purchase stand here

💖 Follow the bellow to keep your crystals in their best form
🌞 Do not leave in the sun - this can naturally bleach their colour and cause weakness over time
🌙 Cleanse regularly for best energy (Read this blog to know which moon phase to use)
💧 Not all crystals are water friendly, do research before putting in water
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